Picketpost Mtn February 2009 - Click on any picture to see a larger image

Heading to Picketpost Mountain with the Superstition mountains visible in the distance next to a surrealistic sunrise.

The first glimpse of Picketpost Mountain. Its only a couple of miles away.

At the trail head.

The trail starts out following an old jeep trail that is work down to rock.

After about one half of a mile, another trail goes to the left from the main trail across a dry creek bed.

Remnants of a mining venture?

Looking back down to the parking area at the trail head.

Dave poses for a picture at the trailhead. Dave and Richard started 25 minutes after Tom.

The trail follows a ridge line up the base of the rock cliffs.

A 30 foot section of smooth rock provides the first challenge. Its easy to walk up if you trust your boots grip, but it is a a steep angle.

At the base of the wall looking northwest.

At the base of the wall looking up the ravine.

Further up the ravine.

Looking to the left of the ravine. I went straight up the ravine and didn't realize until coming down that the trail goes to the left and switches back and forth up the easier sections instead of going up the ravine.

Part way up.

I thought this shirt was a trail marker, but its just a left over from a previous hike.

Looking back down the ravine with some hoodoos on the right side.

A 25 foot headwall blocks the way up the ravine.

It looks like you can continue to the left.

Getting close to the top now.

On top of Picketpost, there is a large flat mesa.

In looking around, there are 3 peaks at the top. Which is the highest? This peak is to the Southwest.

This peak is to the East

This peak is to the Northwest

Dave and Richard have almost caught up to Tom but they are heading to the middle peak to the east so Tom had to turn around and follow them to the highest peak.

A large century plant caught my eye for its shape.

Dave and Richard at the top.

Dave and Tom at the top.

Looking southeast.

A mailbox is at the top with several notebooks in where you can add your name to the list of other hikers who have made the climb. Weavers needle to in the background to the left of the mailbox.

Richard finds a plaque on a rock. We think it is in memory of the man who carried the mailbox to the top.

Another hoodoo on the left as we descend from the top.

A little water is running. The rock is stained with algae buildup?

Richard decides to take a shortcut down instead of backtracking to get on the trail.

As we descend, we run into 9 people from the TakeAHike club. They are on the Grand Canyon training hike No 1 that Charles does every year.