The January Coolidge pancake breakfast had about twice the crowd that the event organizers had planned for. Katie and I got there around 9am and seemed to be part of a big late arrival crowd. Number 5 on downwind and people on the ground waiting to take off who were getting impatient. One guy cut into the pattern in front of several people on base or final and was politely told to go around and try again. Guess he didnt tune in until he was on base. We let a high wing depart ahead of us and taxied into a what seemed to be a full ramp. There was no food and a big line waiting so we joined in and talked planes while we waited. Katie found a woman with a Chihuahua so she got to talk dogs. We got our pancakes/eggs/bacon at different times as they were each cooked. The orange juice seemed to be water with a yellow color. Guess they wanted to make it last as long as possible. The big shortage though was at the coffee maker. That was hard for us coffee addicts. Everyone had a good attitude though and we weren't in a hurry so it still turned out to be a fun event.
I only took a few pictures but they all were of RVs so here they are.
Since Coolidge was in his test area, Darwin got to fly his RV-7 in. Looked Great! This is a picture of the Darwin's cockpit. Looks like a custom carbon fiber panel!
Another picture of Darwin's RV. Dave Biddles RV-6a is in the background.

LED nav lights that Darwin built from a kit. Also not the top secret speed mod on the wing tip.

Cockpit of Bill Jaques subaru powered RV-9a

Bill Jaques taxiing for takeoff in his subaru powered RV-9a