The Light Sport Aircraft Event at the Commerative Air Force Hanger at Falcon Field
February 18th, 2006

Arriving at the Commerative Air Force hanger, Katie talks to the volunteer traffic coordinator, Mike.He just got his pilots license recently.

The parking lot was starting to fill up. By the time we left, it was completely full. A great turnout for the event!

The first LSA we saw was a Sky Arrow 600 Sport.

Zenith Zodiac CH601XL LSA

Doesn't this look like something out of the Jetsons? The CT has way better performance than a C-150 And a cruise range of over 1000 miles! I sat in it and it was very comfortable. This was my favorite LSA.

Lama Parrot brochures

And the plane

Sting Sport LSA. Its getting hard to take a picture because of all the people.

Sport Rider LSA

Kappa LSA?

Sport Star LSA. Seems like every plane had :Sport" in their name.

People were everywhere.

The CAF WWII planes were a great hit with the crowd.

Especially their B-17 "Sentimental Journey" which was giving rides at the event.


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