San Manual EAA Omelette Breakfast fly-in
January 13th, 2007

When I got up Saturday morning, it was close to freezing outside if not already below freezing. Thats quite unusual for AZ The skies were overcast from the front that had moved through. The forcast was for improving conditions throughout the day with a high temp of 53 degrees.

Sitting in the RV-4 with the canopy closed, the weather didnt look that great. I decided to take off and check it out. Mel said that the Tucson group was going to try to make it and Dave and Gleen from Tucson also said they were going.

Partway to San Manual the clouds started lifting and shafts of light could be seen breaking through the clouds.

I was the one of the first airplanes to land and the airport seemed almost deserted. There was actually already a bunch of people there but they were inside one of the hangers keeping warm.

San Manuel has right traffic for runway 29. The reason is obivous with the two big smokestakes just to the south. Little did I know when I took this picture on Saturday that the smokestakes were scheduled for demoliton this week and are no more.

Dave and Glenn from Glendale Airport (GEU) flew in not too far behind me. Dave is converting his rv-6a over to dual electronic ignition.

Glen is getting our of his RV-4


A Fairchild? flew in behind us. Sure was beautiful.

The Tucson group did a great looking 4 ship group formation flight across the runway and parked next to each other.


The Phoenix group lined up next to each other facing the Tucson group.


The San Manuel EAA chapter had a different breakfast this time than the normal pancake breakfast. After you paid your $5.00, you were handed a baggie and a sharpie to write your name on the baggie. After you did your John Henry, they put a few stirred up eggs in the baggie. You were then handed the baggie back and were able to put whatever other things you wanted in with the eggs. I added onions, cheese, green peppers, mushrooms and ham. When you moved down the line, you handed the baggie to one of the women behind the table and she tells you to come back in 20 minutes. She put the baggie in a pot of warm water to cook. In the mean time, they served fruit in a cup, and many different types of donuts, etc with lots of hot coffee while you were waiting. After 20 minutes you went back to the table and they pulled your baggie out of the pot, put the now cooked omelette on a plate and added some sausage. The omelette was excellent and quite a change from pancakes. Dave, Glenn and I were able to find a spot at one of the tables right next to a portable heater so we kept warm while we enjoyed friendly RV conversation.

After finishing breakfast, I flew over to NW Regional Airport (formely Avra Valley) to check out a rumor of tools for sale cheap at one of the hangers.

On the way, I flew by the Biosphere. I knew it was in the general area, but had never seen it before.

Don Champlin is in hanger 24 at NW Regional and is moving to Green Valley so he is selling all his stuff in the hanger. He still has some stuff for sale and a lot more that he hasn't put up for sale yet but is going to. If anyone is interested, his email address is I bought $200 worth of stuff and had to drive down on Sunday in my truck because I couldn't fit a full size drill press in my plane.

Great food, Great flying, cheap tools for sale, a day made in Heaven.


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