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Larry and Jennifer Driver

We had an awesome trip. We left on July 4th out of DVT, stopped for fuel and food in Milford, UT, spent our first night in Jackpot, NV. Got to sit through a thunderstorm and watch a pretty nice fireworks display.

The next day we were supposed to land at Johnson Creek and spend the night. After flying over with some approaching nasty weather, it was decided by all to opt out and head on over to McCall for fuel lunch.

We left McCall and decided that Moses Lake, WA would be our next and final stop for the day. Turned out to be a little more final that we had counted on. Besides the casino and sports bar, there’s not much happening in Moses Lake. However, weather kept us there two nights. (Never happens in the desirable locations!) There was lots of CB buildups to the south and west blocking us from the Columbia River Gorge or going over the Cascades. Turned out staying the extra day was a good call. Roche Harbor and all of the San Juans were pretty much socked in and had high winds to boot on Thursday. I had a hard enough time with the 30'-wide crooked runway with calm winds.

We landed at Roche Harbor Friday morning after a gorgeous flight over the Cascades and San Juans and tied down at “The Lobster Farm”… a home we had rented right on the runway. Long story as to why it’s called the Lobster Farm, but it’s safe to say, no lobster… just lots of deer and raccoons.




Saturday Jen and I went to Arlington, and the rest of the gang (Jaws And Schneider) decided to relax on Roche. They both ended up leaving Sunday morning to head home and Jen and I ended up staying another day.

We had a little of a challenge on Monday getting home. Waited for the clouds to lift on the Northern coast of Washington, flew over to Port Angeles for fuel, and then flew west to the tip of Washington under VERY low ceilings. Obviously we didn't wait long enough. It's the first time I've really felt I got my money's worth from the terrain feature on my Grand Rapids EFIS.

Once we rounded the bend at the western tip of Washington and got close to Oregon the ceiling went up to about 2500 - 3,000 feet. Flying over the Washington/Oregon coastline at 1,000' msl was one of the most beautiful flights we've ever been on, bar none.

Lunch and fuel were North Bend Airport (Coos Bay). Our goal was to fly down to SF and do the Bay Tour Route, but ceilings from Santa Barbara south were in the 100 - 200' range. So we opted to go inland to Medford and down to Modesto. Stayed the night there and finished up the trip early the next morning to try to avoid the bumps and heat.

All in all a wonderful trip! Larry

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