Our plans were to leave at 4:30am,but it was raining in the early morning hours so we made it out a little after 5am from Deer Valley Airport, Phoenix, AZ and got to see a nice sunrise.

XM weather showed a developing storm over Albuquerque, N.M so we diverted to the north around it. 

First stop was in Dalhart, TX.  There was a gentleman on the radio telling us free food if we filled up at his fueling facility, but we taxied down the row of hangers to the other fueling facility which was about 75 cents a gallon cheaper.  Mark is hooking up the grounding cable to his RV-7 in the picture below. 

The sky got real hazy on the flight across the midwest.  We stopped again for fuel at York Nebraska.  The fuel was around 4.35 and EAA chapter 80 was having a BBQ pit-stop for people on the way to Oshkosh, so we grabbed a quick hamburger.  Thanks EAA chapter 80!

We stopped for the evening at Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin so we could be refreshed for an early Sunday morning arrival at Oshkosh.  We ate at the Moosejaw Pizza and Dells Brewing Co.  We had no idea Wisconsin Dells is a major vacation travel spot on the weekend.  We had 1 1/2 hr wait to get seated.  Mark checked out the place while we waited and found us a spot at one of the three bars where we could also eat.  Sunday morning we got up early and headed for the airport with a quick stop at McDonalds for some food to go.  The FBO was still closes and the airport was locked up, but the nice people at the Baraboo-Dells Flight Center had gave us the code to get into the FBO and leave our rental car keys and we could get to the ramp through their back door.

Mark gives us the thumb up and we are ready to go.

The GPS shows the arrival sequencing to get to Oshkosh.

We arrived at Oshkosh around 7:3o AM and had the runway 27 to ourselves.  We had been following a group of 7 Glastars but they were diverted to land on runway 36.

Since we flew to Oshkosh in our RV-4 and didnt bring any camping gear because of CG issues, our first point of business after landing was to get to Walmart before they sold out on camping gear.  One of our dear friends was working as a volunteer at Oshkosh this year and let us use her friends car to go shopping but we had to find her first.

Girding up for the shopping spree.

Mark tries out a new style camping chair.

Camping supplies (especially the liquid refreshments) purchased, we set up camp.  Last year we arrived at 8am on Sunday morning and we were in the second row or planes in homebuilt camping.  This year we arrived a half hour earlier, and we were put in row 10 because of all the planes already here.

A sea of RVs had filled up the remaining spaces during the week.

Monday morning at Oshkosh.  Get up early to beat the line at the showers.  By the end of the week, I was taking showers in the evening instead which worked much better.

First thing each morning we visited Ace's cafeteria for the Sunrise special.

Jaws RV-6a

The dreamlifter arrival attracted a large crowd including us.

Monday evening we went offsite to Wendt's on the Lake restaurant on the shores of Lake Winnebago.  The whole time while we were eating the dog kept his teeth bared and dared anyone to try to get into his model T.

Our friend Cheri, who lent us her car, sits with Katie while we wait for the rest of the people to show up.

The first two tables are filled with fellow  EAA chapter 1217 members who all go together to swap stories.  Its an annual tradition at Oshkosh.

People trying on the Martin Jetpack at their booth.  First flight at Oshkosh was anticlimatic.

The Rocket Racer flight was exciting to watch.

Here is what the engine looks like.

Bruce (Boomer) Pauley (in the middle) arraigned a special tour of the KC-135 tanker that was parked in Aeroshell square on Wednesday morning for RV friends.  Katie and I just squeeked in before the limit was reached for the tour.

Bruce is explaining how the boom operates to RV4chick who is at the controls to the right of Bruce.

Wednesday evening we got to set with friends, new and old, at the Young Eagles banquet at the Museum.  The young man on the right is Ryan, who chapter 538 sponsored to attend a week long camp at Oshkosh for Young Eagles.  Ryan lives and breaths airplanes, so this was a great experience for him.

Harrison Ford, gave a motivational talk after dinner was over.

We sat in line in line for 2 1/2 hours to depart Oshkosh because of a tragic crash on runway 27 just as we were taxiing out.

Flying back was more of the same weather as we had experience coming to Oshkosh.  The XM weather on our Garmin 496 made it possible for us to route around the cells that were popping up.

We really had a great time but were happy to get back home too!