Laughlin New Years fly-in
January 1st, 2007

Strong winds and IFR conditions kept most of the SoCal group home for the Laughlin New Years Fly-in. However a few brave souls that werent weathered in managed to make it in from California (Socal and San Diego). An earlier group of RVs from Arizona took off at around 8:30am AZ time (smart move in retrospect) and went to Harrahs for brunch. A group of 4 RVs from Arizona arrived around 11:30am. The rest of the group from AZ and SoCal arrived around noon. Winds were 20 gusting to 25 mostly down the runway but were varying direction by 10 to 20 degrees. When one of the earlier AZ RVers arrived at Laughlin there was a 90 degree direct crosswind at 18 knots. He diverted to Lake Havesu. When the rest of the RV gang arrived around noon, the winds had stabilized at mostly down the runway so he took off and rejoined the later pack. A flight of 4 RVs from SoCal did a nice joint arrival. The winds were gusty right down to the runway, but everyone landed safely. An RV-4 from San Diego had an engine failure 9 miles from the airport (oil reported) and did an emergency landing in a field.
Scott Bilinski reported on the SoCal RV List: "In talking with Rich again, the plane is not "wrecked" it had a safe landing with no damage. It was moved to Eagle airport (A09) not Sun Valley Airpark. The engine blew a cylinder and cracked the case. would think the wind really helped for a safe landing with slow ground speed on landing."
> Scott Bilinski
> RV-8a

The original plans were to take the shuttle to the Flamingo Casino which we had used for the last couple of years. It has changed owners and is now the Flamingo Casino. One of the new management polices was to stop the airport shuttle. However, the Edgewater Casino has a dedicated 24 hour shuttle to the airport. Its only about a five minute walk along the river back to the Aquarius Casino from the Edgewater.

Bryan and Tanya share the front seat in the van. We set a new record for the shuttle and stuffed 16 people into the Van. Sharing laps was manatory.


Darwin is not complaining about having an attractive SoCal pilot sitting on his lap, in fact, he seems downright happy about it. Tom and Katie are happy to be out of the cold wind.



You can't see them in this picture, but there are a bunch of people behind the front row.



Arriving at the Edgewater Casino. Mark is talking to Tom about airplanes while Ilseska smiles for the camera.



Mark and Ileska waiting in line at the buffet at the Aquarius Casino




More RVers waiting in line.



Some of the Arizona RVers arrived about 30 minutes early. This worked out great as they were able to put a bunch of tables together and save them for us right next to them (A row behind them and a row in front of them). From the left is Dave and his girlfriend Ann (rv-6a), Richard (rv-6a and single), Glenn who owns a very nice rv-4 and Marv and Maxine. Marv and Maxine at the far left have been flying their RV-6 for 15 years.

Behind the AZ RVers are three RVers from San Diego KSEE. On the left hand side is a gray beard dude with a hat on and a red haired woman with her back to the camera. The older dude is Wheeler North RV6 who came with his buddy Bill and the woman is LeAnn Silberman who flew over with her husband Reuven in their RV7A.

Mercedes is talking to the two RVers (on Rocket steriods) from Salt Lake City

Katie gets in on the action. Lucky Rocketeers!



After stuffing our bellies with multiple trips to the buffet counter and talking for about an hour and a half, its about time to leave.



The group stops for a photo on the way out. Some people must have left before the group photo, because we counted 28 people at the tables earlier.

Our friendly shuttle driver Dave, poses for a picture. He was really nice to us and we tipped him generously for his work.

Katie snaps a few pictures of RVs on our way to the RVs. There wasn't much standing around because of the strong winds. Everyone just wanted to get to their planes.


This is Mark Chamberlains RV-7. He has 70 hours on it since Dec 2nd. Thats over 600 gallons/$2000. The other RVers were kidding with him on the way back that he needs to frame his credit card statement when he gets it.

This is Kelly Patterson's RV. Kelly was the first one to take off. His takeoff roll seems unusually short. Tom and Katie took off after him into reported 35 kt winds. Most people were reporting being airborne within 20 feet and compared the climb out to going up in an elevator. The bumps smoothed out about 6500 feet on the way back to Phoenix for the AZ group, so they had a nice but cold flight back. It was interesting to note that two of the RV-7s (both with new ECI engines) we flew back to Phoenix with were reporting 170-182 knots ground speed. Katie and Toms RV-4 with )-320 was poking along at 151-159 kts.

It was a great time and we wished the weather would have been more cooperative so the rest of our brother and sister aviators from SoCal and AZ could have joined us. If we left out anyones name in the pictures and you would like your name in the trip report, or you have some pictures/comments you want to add to the trip report, please let Katie know and we will update the trip report.

Katie and Tom Velvick RV-4 Peoria, AZ

Trip report from Darwin: It was great to see the CA people that made it and meet some new friends. I was a little freaked coming in because we were hearing the communication on the downed RV. Relief came when another pilot circling overhead reported they were okay. Then we battled the winds landing. The tougher challenge came in tying the plane down.
Pretty amazing that when you get out of the river valley it really calms down. I flew back at 7500' and it was very smooth. SE of Laughlin, just over the mountains, all the way to Aquila I was getting 180kts+ ground speed. For about 10 minutes I was at 186kts GS. After getting to Aquila it dropped to 172kts. I was running 2400 RPM and 23.4 in." I leaned to 15 - 25 LOP and was showing 8.4 gph. Take off to landing at Stellar was 56 minutes. Calm winds at home. I shared the pattern with a neighbor giving rides in his AT-6.
For some reason I have gained a few knots. I noticed this when I went out test flying after my Condition Inspection. The only thing that is different is my mag system. I had an Emag and Pmag. I sent them in for updates and he sent me two fresh Pmags. This is the only thing that was changed. I also noticed the engine starts quickly and feels even smoother than before. Also noticed a drop in the cylinder head temps.
The ECI has been great. Excellent power, no leaks and it uses less than a 1/2 quart every 25 hours. I didn't have anything fancy done to mine. Mark had his cylinders polished and ported. Mark is running the Hartzell BA and I've got the Whirlwind 200RV prop. Otherwise we are similar. Marks plane is a little lighter.
For those on the list, don't hesitate to contact Robbie Attaway when you get ready to purchase an engine or components for an overhaul. He is one of us!!!

Darwin N. Barrie
Chandler AZ
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